The ‘Anti’ ‘Bullying’ Campaign

I like to reward folks who refer people to me. If you have an active subscription to Phronesis Accelerator and encourage others to get one too, I’d like to thank you for it.

Part of the reward is credit towards my goods and services. It wouldn’t take many people for you to get even my expensive programs at no cost.

While valuable, that’s also kinda boring.

That’s why I offer extra content to you – and anyone you refer – with each issue of Phronesis Accelerator. This stuff is simple, juicy and practical.

One of the tips this month is how a quirk of language in China shows how folks expect you to think. And right now, here in the West, everyone expects you to be afraid.

Once you see how that works, you can protect yourself and others from chronic fear.

The other tip?

That’s my ‘anti’ ‘bullying’ campaign.

I put both words in quotes because it’s only sort of bullying… and it’s only sort of against it.

This is an ancient technique. Jesus used it superbly to build a following and spread his message of peace and love.

The best parents use this with their children. It doesn’t just correct behaviour – it corrects personality.

All without punishments, bribes or anything even vaguely unethical.

It’s awesome stuff that I know my phronies are gonna love.

The only way to get it is to refer or be referred.

The instructions on how to do that are in the Welcome Letter you receive when you subscribe:

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