The good problem I see in many hypno businesses

I like checking out the websites of coaches, hypnotherapists, trainers and consultants. It gets my brain working, since I view them through many lenses.

As a hypnotist, I see what others are doing.

As a self-development enthusiast, I like to check out what they offer.

And as a marketer, I like to see what works and what I’d change.

So I know many folks have this good problem:

They have a healthy stack of email addresses, from clients, subscribers and customers.

And… they waste them.

Your email list can be your most valuable business asset. It can let you pivot your business, offer new services and reclaim your work/life balance – simply by sending the right emails.

Having a list and not knowing what to do with it is a good problem to have.

Even so, it weirds me out when I see coaches and the like ignoring this treasure.

They don’t email regularly.

Or they send boring, self-indulgent nonsense.

(One coach told their list what they read that week. While that could be useful, I guess… this wasn’t.)

Many folks ignore their lists because “they don’t know what to say” or “they don’t want to spam anyone” or “they hate receiving emails themselves”.

There are answers to those:

Send entertaining, useful, enticing, tantalising emails to your list – often.

If you can help your readers solve problems, then you owe it to them to sell them on the solutions – and to sell it well.

Many of Selling Transformation’s pages are dedicated to this.

You can turn your email list from a boring, dusty, neglected pile of mush… into the gleaming jewel of your business.

Waste no time in grabbing it here:

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