The luxury of misery

If you were struggling back in 2019, I wouldn’t hold that against you.

If you’re struggling now?

Well, I don’t think anyone would hold that against you.

You know what might help, though?

Rethinking how you think about your thinking.

Is misery a natural response to the challenges in your life? Is it inevitable or a choice?

You could argue back and forth about that.

Instead, consider this:

Misery is a luxury.

Like a fancy chocolate cake or a gold-plated watch, it costs a lot while offering dubious value. It’s also not something you can indulge in when facing a crisis. If you can’t pay your bills, you don’t buy Rolexes. Similarly, if you’re literally fighting for your life, you won’t think about how uncertain the future is. You do what you need to and get out.

Feeling whatever you feel might not be pleasant, but it sure is great that you can feel that.

You can keep indulging it if you want or you can spend your earnings elsewhere.

That, at least, remains your choice.

Speaking of choice…

There’s a lot to choose from on my website. I offer mental solutions for a range of issues and budgets.

I won’t talk about those right now, though.

You’re welcome to browse my catalogue at the link below.

Until I know more about who you are, though, I’ll recommend the Neural Reset. Whatever’s going on in life – whether you have your teeth in a juicy opportunity, you’re struggling to get by, or every day feels identically full of languish and anguish – the Neural Reset will help.

It’s like resting, relaxing, meditating, embracing self-care and revitalising your spark, all at once.


By working with your mind to restore itself to how it naturally wants to be.

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