The only guarantee that matters

I’ve heard from plenty of would-be-ex-smokers.

They went to see a hypnotist and maybe it worked for a while.

To me, that raises the obvious question:

Did this hypnotist guarantee their results?

If not, why did you go with them?

I value my time. While I expect you to respect my time, I don’t expect you to value it. What do you care if I have an extra hour free at the end of the day or not?

All I expect you to value is results.

That’s my guarantee – and it’s the only guarantee that matters. I will give you what I value the most – my time. And I’ll keep on giving it until you get what you need – results.

If that takes me ten sessions, then that’s on me for taking so long. It won’t cost you any extra either way.

There’s no denying the incentives at play here. It’s in my financial interests to resolve your issue as fast and as permanently as I can. Otherwise you can keep coming back, signing up for more sessions at no cost to you.

I want to help you.

Not only that, if I want to be viable, I need to help you.

So if my approach is guaranteed to work, then what excuses do you have left?

Yeah, I thought so.

If you keep smoking from now, that’s your choice – and you have to live (or not) with it.

Or, if you’re ready to drop the habit for good – do I need to say guaranteed again? – then sign up for the Freedom from Smoking program:

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