Did I really just share the password to my brain?

Did I really just share the password to my brain?

I was reading a self-hypnosis Twitter account and something jumped out at me. They said, with training and experience, you can hypnotise yourself and enter a trance in as little as ten minutes.

Now, I agree with that. The first few times hypnotizing yourself can be slow. It’ll take time and patience to get it down to ten minutes. Self-hypnosis can be unreliable. It’s like anything else – it takes practice to become smooth and fast.

And, sure, ten minutes is a realistic benchmark.

Screw realism.

That tweet stood out for me because I enter the trance state much faster than that.

How fast?

Three minutes?

One minute?

Try three seconds.

Yep – from the start of the process to when I reach a deep trance state, that’s less time than pouring milk into coffee and stirring.

And it only takes me that long because that’s my reliable method. I’ve hypnotised myself in less than a second, but those approaches vary. The technique I’m about to describe almost always works for me.

(The rare occasion that it doesn’t work, what do I do? I clear my mind and start again. Then it takes me a glacial 20-30 seconds to enter a trance.)

Here’s how I hypnotise myself:

  1. I raise my right hand in front of my face, ready to snap my fingers. On that hand, I place all of my attention and intend to enter a trance.
  2. I snap my fingers.
  3. There is no step three.

That’s all it takes to put me into a nice, deep trance.

Now, some of you are thinking I’m an idiot. Did I really just share my hypnotic trigger? Does that mean anyone can snap their fingers, put me into a trance and take over my mind?

Nah, that’s not how it works. Hypnotic triggers aren’t passwords. You can know mine all you want but you can’t use it against me. (Trust me, I’ve tested this. I wouldn’t share this if I wasn’t certain.)

Some of you still think I’m an idiot. I just gave away a lightning fast, almost foolproof self-hypnosis technique for free.

To which I say – try it. Maybe it’ll work for you, maybe it won’t.

(I’d put money on the latter.)

This technique only works for me for two reasons:

I practiced it.

I mastered the fundamentals of self-hypnosis.

Seriously, this technique doesn’t do much unless you know what it’s meant to do. It’s like a button that doesn’t connect to anything. Once you know how to rewire your brain, though, it becomes a powerful tool for change.

Because once you can enter a trance state this quickly and easily, you can set up other triggers. Think of a mental attribute you want more of – confidence, energy, focus, creativity, charisma…

Now imagine always being a few seconds away from that state.

The path between here and there requires hard work, but you don’t have to stumble blindly.

And if you want to break the sound barrier with the speed of your trance, master the basics here:


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