The real appeal of Halloween – and how to keep it from breaking you

The real appeal of Halloween - and how to keep it from breaking you

What’s the deal with Halloween? Or scary movies, bungee jumping, rollercoasters…

Those are all popular things. It’s not pleasant to feel your stomach drop from underneath you and yet we can’t resist it. Why is fear fun?

We humans are strange creatures. We’ll draw pleasure from anything under the right circumstances. Fear and guilt stimulate our reward centres – that’s why they’re such terrible motivational tools.

But why do they feel pleasurable at all? Surely the early hominid who liked feeling terrified got a little too close to a tiger. And that’s the strange paradox of terror. It drives us away from things and we like it.

Punishment and reward all in one.

It makes sense if you map it out. Fear tests us. It shows us what’s important. It rewards us for recognising the danger and staying away.

And it compels us to anticipate the worst.

In the moment, fear invites you to freeze, fly or fight – all strategies with their own uses. Thinking towards the future, dread compels you to analyse and reassess your plans. If tomorrow’s schedule gnaws at your stomach, reconsider it.

But what if everything makes you anxious? What if your brain gets hooked on the thrill of fear?

Well, you wouldn’t be alone.

And I wouldn’t be alone in recommending meditation.

If you’re tried it before and it wasn’t for you, that’s perfect. Think of the first run as practice – you’re more likely to get it when you try again.

Assuming, of course, you hear better advice than “sit still and think of nothing.”

If you can sleep, then you can meditate. All you need to do is learn. Sure, it takes practice but so what? Everything worthwhile does. You can make it easier by grabbing a practical, useful guide.

No vague mysticism, all useful techniques.

You can only buy it as a hardcopy through Amazon. And it isn’t cheap.

Or you could download the eBook as my gift to you.

That’s right – everything you need to meditate like a pro, at no charge to you.

If you want to master fear and banish anxiety, then grab your copy here.

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