They can take your mind but they can never take your freedom

A common, modern trap:

You enter the workforce as an idealistic young employee.

It’s exciting to have real money for the first time. Plus the prospect of promotions, training and pay rises.

Life is sweet.

Then you start getting used to the money.

You like your home, whether you’re renting or buying. Plus being able to eat out, travel and indulge in the occasional luxury.

Once you’re used to it, it’s hard it give it up.

Then the honeymoon period ends and your job seems a lot less worthwhile.

Promotions and pay rises are rarer than they seemed… and uncorrelated with your performance.

As a new employee, you were probably shielded from most of the office politics. Over time, that shield melts away.

The work seems a lot less meaningful, now you can see nothing ever changes.

At times, you feel frustrated – maybe even feel trapped.

Which is strange, because there are always ways out. There are no armed guards or barbed wire.

You can find a new job… and hope it’s not the same story there.

Maybe even a new career (same story again).

And you can always downgrade your lifestyle.

None of that is easy (or quick)… but they’re easier than living with the sense that you’re stuck.

Especially when every day drains your mental and emotional energies. It’s hard to see things in perspective when you’re running on fumes.

The good news is you can always choose to be free.

I’m not going to say freedom is in your mind, not in your circumstances.

I’m not going to point to Epictetus who was not only a slave but physically crippled too. Even so, he recognised freedom comes from within, so he chose to be happy, to live as a free man.

Which, in turn, lead to his freedom from slavery.

But I’m not going to say that because it’s not true.

Well, rather, it’s incomplete.

Sure, true freedom is in your mind. But when the system grinds your mind to paste, it can be hard to find it there.

That’s okay, because true freedom is also in your body.

When you bring your mind and body together – when you pay attention to your body, when you move, when you release tension – everything seems more possible.

So even if you’re a zombie at the end of the day…

Well, even zombies can stumble forward.

So take control of what you can and move – deliberately and with purpose.

That’s one simple way to recover your mind.

And to feel pride and motivation – especially if you’ve lost them before.

It can really be that easy.

Of course, your next step is to then find more ways to create this freedom for yourself.

How does 60 such ways sound to you?

Because that’s what you can find here:

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