Think about what else is contagious

Young children learn they can catch diseases off other folk.

But for most of us, we learn what else is contagious on our own.

Things like courage, smiles and generosity. The more of these you do, the more you see it in the world around you.

I don’t know whether this situation will invite you to think about how else you could live. How much more compassionate you could have been before and how grateful you will be once it’s over.

You wouldn’t be alone if this is a wake-up call for you.

That said…

Even when driven by an epiphany, change can be hard.

Old habits can often resist, even when you know better.

For many of you, you’ll fall back into your old ways of thinking and being.

If you want to shake that, though?

If you want to emerge from these struggles with a deeper connection to who you want to become?

Well, that’s one of the many benefits of Monster Mind Edukaré. In fact, it’s almost a side effect of the real training – the training in how to deeply connect with your unconscious.

This training covers everything from improving your focus to activating mental states at will, to some advanced mental tricks only hardcore meditators (and you) can use.

With so many folk choosing to isolate for now, this is the best time to get into Edukaré.

As such, I developed my best-ever deal for it.

I’m offering everything Monster Mind Edukaré does – all 19 modules of mind sharpening goodness – plus the following extras:

  • An absurdly generous discount – saving you $100,
  • A complimentary copy of Three-Score Navike, to help you stabilise your life immediately,
  • A guide to reconnecting with nature, even when you’re stuck inside,
  • A handy alternative to meditation for training your focus and calming your body,
  • An exclusive podcast on how to handle the anxiety, lack of control, financial stress and social stress of self-isolation. Even if you’re not quarantining yourself, if enough other people do it, it makes everything in life harder. Here’s how to endure that.

These bonuses disappear at Saturday morning, 0800 AEDT (GMT+11). That’s Friday night for most of the world, because time zones are fun like that. If you’re prone to procrastination, don’t leave it til the last minute only to find you’ve done the conversion wrong. Get moving, sooner rather than later.

Here’s the link:

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