Do you think differently from successful people?

Do you think differently from successful people?

Is it possible to think and act differently from successful people and still succeed? I won’t say it isn’t, but that sure sounds like the hard way. The effective strategy is to do what they do, tailored for your situation.

Whenever I hear about someone incredibly successful – the top of their field, no matter what it is – the sort of people who achieve amazing (even “impossible”) things – they always have one thing in common: they’re open to exploring their mind.

Most of them have some sort of meditation routine.

Those who don’t use something like mindful exercise, gardening or painting to enter a meditative state.

It’s like you can’t get ahead unless you can access your own thoughts.

That’s a strange claim – surely everyone can access them? Isn’t that what “thinking” is?

We could quibble about terminology but I say most people experience their thoughts. They struggle to consciously control or detach from them, though.

That’s not a bad thing. You could call it part of the human condition. And of course you can still live a good life without engaging with your mind on a deeper level.

It’s just there are limits to what you can achieve – especially against people who do.

That won’t matter to everyone because not everyone wants glory, success or power. Some people want to do good work, love their families and leave it at that. These people often make tremendous friends and citizens.

But if that sort of quiet life would drive you mad, you need to learn to go beyond it.

It takes a focused, trained mind to achieve success. Talent won’t cut it and neither will hard work. You could say they’re necessary but insufficient.

The good news is there are lots of meditation guides out there.

The bad news is most of them focus on only the basics or only the weird, trippy stuff.

If you want to learn everything you need – from the first simple exercises to advanced stuff most people haven’t heard of – you have a choice.

You could join a monastery…

But if giving up your life kinda feels like defeating the purpose, you should probably read this instead:

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