If at First You Do Succeed, Think Now and Remember

If at First You Do Succeed, Think Now and Remember

Right now, think of something you want. It might be a state of mind, like peace or confidence. It might be a result, like good relationships or business success.

Whatever it is, choose something now.

Our desires are strange things. In a way, they are like addictions. We don’t desire things that we’ve never experienced but, once we get a taste, we want to come back for more.

Wait a minute, you might say, how does that work? I want to be a millionaire but I’ve never been rich before.

I get it. But let me ask you this:

If you became a millionaire right now, how would that feel? Would that create a sense of security? What about power, indulgence or freedom?

Those are your true desires. Millions of dollars are one way of reaching them.

And everyone has experienced a little of the good things in life – power, love, pleasure, stability, family, freedom, safety and so on.

Maybe it’s not like an addiction. Maybe it’s more like food. If you didn’t know what a meal tastes like, how would you know to crave it?

We can put that to the side right now. What’s important is not how you know to want these things, but how to get more of it.

All right then. Let’s get into it.

Take a deep breath and begin to clear your mind. Then think of a time where you already experienced what you desire. It might not be the strongest example in your life – whatever comes to mind is fine.

If nothing comes to mind, then take another breath and give it a moment. If you still can’t think of a time you had what you want, then I have to ask: how do you know you don’t have it right now? Maybe you’re like the fish that can’t see the water it swims through.

Either way, you have something to think about.

So think about it.

Really consider it.

Observe in your mind what it was like to succeed like that. Allow yourself to be curious about what happened and why. There’s no need for judgement – if you start thinking ‘yes, but, that was then,’ then put that aside for the moment.

All you need to do is appreciate what went well.

What you pay attention to is what you get more of. This is because your unconscious follows your attention. It seeks what you notice.

So notice the good stuff and what went well. It’ll train your mind to find more of it.

Sometimes we overlook our virtues and successes.

Sometimes it takes friends to point out that you’re awesome.

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