“Think outside the box” is the new box

“Think outside the box” is the new box

Over the last decade or few, there’s been a strong push towards innovation and creativity in the workplace. Leaders know this is the new competitive edge.

So they encourage their employees to think differently.

To challenge the norms.

To defy the company’s and industry’s conventions.


Well, you can’t have employees running off doing whatever. Some of them might take advantage of you and “challenge norms” by eating chips instead of working.

Plus you need to track these initiatives to make sure they have a solid ROI.

And it has to fit into the corporate structure and use corporate infrastructure, corporate templates, corporate funding mechanisms…

Pretty soon your innovation program looks no different from your old way of doing things.

Despite all the best intentions, most innovation programs fail.


Because they’re bolted onto the side of the existing system. Innovation only works when it’s part of the culture, with the system built around it.

It’s similar to how people try to change something about themselves.

Like breaking a bad habit, starting a new project or beginning a new adventure. You can jam the change into your life and, hey, maybe it’ll work.

But it probably won’t.

If you have the same cues, same routines and same thinking as before, your life will reject the change like your immune system attacking a foreign object.

It’s better to embed the change deep in your mind, breaking up old patterns and letting them settle where they can.

This involves a revolution in your mind, not an evolution of it.

I’m not saying you need to rebuild your life from scratch. But if you do this right, no corner of your life will be unscathed by this change.

And that’s how you know it’ll stick.

And that’s why it’s the best way to quit smoking.

Smoking is a habit that’s nestled deep into your life. You can’t just remove it and expect your mind to sit there and take it. It’ll fight back, because all your other habits and cues rely on you smoking.

If you reform your thinking from the inside out, though…

All of a sudden, there’s no room in your life for that old habit.

Does that sound difficult?




It’s none of the above. Sure, it’ll take a little focus and discipline from you. Provide it and your unconscious mind will do the rest… so long as you use the right system in the right way.

You can read all about this system – and how and why it easily frees you from your old habits, cravings and sometimes even withdrawal symptoms.

It’s quitting made easy.

Here’s the link:


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