Think With Your Hands, Not With Your Brain

Think With Your Hands, Not With Your Brain

Mind and body is one of the classic pairs of opposites. It’s up there with ‘good and evil’ and ‘light and dark’. Like most other dichotomies, it’s not a clean distinction. There is evil within good and there is light among the shadows.

And, yes, your mind and body exist within each other too.

Because the mind relies on the brain.

(I know some spiritualists take offense at that – “but what about my immortal, intangible soul!” If you chemically alter the brain, it changes the mind. Your mind might seem mystical but it’s a physical thing like anything else.)

And it relies on more than just your brain.

The nerve cluster around the heart sends four times more information to the brain than the other way round.

The nerve cluster in your stomach produces most of your mood-regulating chemicals.

Every part of your body plays some role in how you think.

At the extreme end, you can use self-hypnosis to get your body to do your thinking. I use this all the time. I surrender control of one of my hands to my unconscious. Then, every twitch or lift is a sign that it’s solving the problem.

If your brain can’t figure something out, give your hand a shot at it.

But you don’t have to go that far. There’s a simpler, more accessible way to get your body to augment your thinking.

It’s nothing more than good ol’ fashioned exercise.

Whether you’re into cardio or weights, sport or gym, solo or group, moving your body does great things for your thoughts.

After all, the simple act of moving your arm is not something you can do consciously. It requires dozens of muscles to fire in a precise sequence – muscles that you might not even know exist.

Consciously, you set an intention. All the action happens unconsciously.

And the more complex or difficult the manoeuvre, the more unconscious you need to be.

Exercise does more than improve your brain’s health – it forces it into a whole new way of operating. It’s a form of meditation, if you let it be.

And it can help you solve problems. If you give yourself a clear intention before working out, then clearing your mind, your body will work on it for you.

The less you think about it, the better this will work. Give your conscious mind a break, hit the gym and let the insights flow.

If this ‘technique’ sounds simple, that’s because it is. It works, though sometimes you want sophisticated.

Like letting your hands do your thinking for you.

Or dozens of other tricks to use your mind in ways you’ve never imagined.

It’s all here in this guide.

No prior knowledge needed, no need for gurus and you don’t need to join a monastery.

All it takes it hard work and practice.

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