How to know you’re thinking something new

How to know you’re thinking something new

There’s that famous Einstein quote about not being able to solve problems with the same level of thinking that caused them. And that’s true. To resolve a situation, you need to transcend it. You can’t solve a Rubik’s cube while standing on its surface.

If you’re holding yourself back in your career or love life, you can’t move on until you take your thinking up a level.

Or down a level to a deeper layer of your mind.

Or whatever the best direction, based off your metaphors for what thinking is.

Two questions, then:

How do you change the level of your thinking?

How do you know you’ve done it?

Let’s take the second question first. You think on a new level when thoughts from your unconscious suddenly become conscious. This is how you learn, have insights, grow and change.

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading a textbook, out in the field or listening to an old mentor share their wisdom. It’s the same process.

Your unconscious mind wrestles with the idea.

Then your conscious mind becomes aware of it.

(That second step is optional. You can see that if you think about everything you know but don’t know you know.)

And when something makes that transition from your unconscious to your conscious mind, it’s easy to spot. Unlike everything else, it’ll be difficult to label.

You might have one sensation you call ‘happy’. Then another you call ‘relaxed’. Then you have something new and it’s… well, it’s like a warm tingling with a sense of lightness… only… well, the warm is light but the tingling is heavy…? I think…?

Your unconscious doesn’t bother with labels and descriptions. It exists in the moment. So if you can’t describe something, it must be new to your conscious mind.

Now, back to the first question.

It’s easy enough to change the level of your thinking. All you need is self-hypnosis and time.

Take lots of both and your mind will jump to entirely new levels of thought.

From there, most of the problems facing you will seem trivial to fix. For the others… well, they just need more to resolve.

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