Thwarting procrastination the hard way

This past week, I was procrastinating on this one task pretty hard.

I have no idea why. I was getting everything else done. And this task was easy – read a long article.

One explanation is I knew this would lead to work. Sure, reading an article is easy… but I knew it would give me ideas, which would lead to me implementing them. But I like work – especially around this, which is about a new product I plan on launching one day.

Another explanation is I was burning up all my creative inspiration on other tasks.

That’s plausible.

Or maybe it doesn’t need an explanation. Sometimes we procrastinate. Brains be weird, what can I say.

The point is this:

I read the article and I have half a page of notes on what to do with it.

Mission accomplished.

If you’re prone to procrastination – and who isn’t? – then you might wonder how I did that.

Fortunately, the answer is simple.

I read the article while doing something fun.

I read part of it while exercising – the sort of exercise that gets the body working but doesn’t challenge it, so my mind was eager for the distraction.

Then I explained the article, as I was reading it, to a close friend. That was especially useful on many levels – after all, teaching is the best form of learning, plus they had excellent ideas and questions.

So I did it. And when I need to re-read the article, I know I’ll just do it.

A nice story with a nice message:

Things are easier when your brain associates them with easy things.

Reading while exercising was easier than reading at a desk… because the exercise was easy.

And reading something aloud is easy, too.

By making things harder, I made them easier.

If there’s one thing you find strangely difficult – something that should be simple but you find yourself shying away from – then you might be interested in this insight.

Or maybe you want this insight on steroids.

What if you want to do something you epically struggle with?

Or what if you struggle with lots of little things?

Then you want the easiest state of mind imaginable to associate with it.

That’s why I love my Neural Reset program. You know how many things seem easier after the perfect night’s rest? This is like that – only much faster and more reliable than a good snooze.

Anything you do – whether it’s physical or mental, easy or not – is so much easier after a Neural Reset. It’s like your entire mind is relaxed, wide open and ready for anything.

I use it on myself all the time – and it’s never too much. There’s no upper limit to how relaxed, refreshed and focused you can feel.

To see for yourself, make a booking here:

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