Time is running out… (for all of us)

You may have noticed that, while everyone else was slamming you with “Black Friday this” and “Cyber Monday that”, your ol’ pal William was silent.

Silent on that, at least. I was still writing as usual.

There are a few reasons why I didn’t have some epic sale – the main one was to spare you from it.

You might have received a lot of emails or Facebook ads or whatever, saying the same thing:

“Time is running out!”

They’re right.

Not just for their deals, but for everything.

Consider Monster Mind Edukaré. One on level, time is running out because it’ll only get more expensive over time. Each time I add something, existing customers get it at no extra cost, while future customers will have to pay extra.

This is an investment – it’s useful and grows more valuable over time.

Then there’s the other meaning of the phrase…

Time is running out for all of us.

We don’t know whether we have decades or minutes left to live.

Some of you are tempted to ignore that – to blame me for putting a downer in your day.

Fair enough.

But I’m not telling you anything new here.

You know you’re mortal. Even if you hope eternal life will be discovered in your lifetime, there are no guarantees you’ll make it to that point (and be able to afford it).

If this rattles you, even just a smidge, then ignoring it won’t help.

The fear of death is one of the many demons to face in life.

And the longer you go before facing it, the more time you waste feeding it instead of your dreams.

Time is running out indeed…

Here’s the link for Monster Mind Edukaré:


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