This ‘time paradox’ tells you your life is broken

This ‘time paradox’ tells you your life is broken

You can tell a lot about your life by how quickly time flows for you. For me, this is the best canary in the coal mine. When my perception of time breaks, that’s usually the first sign that something is going wrong.

And based on what people tell me about time, there’s an epidemic of wrongness out there.

Because there are two main ways to experience time, and both of them are paradoxical.

When things are going well, your days fly by and your weeks drag slowly.

When things are going poorly, your days drag on while your weeks evaporate.

It’s a crude measure but, like I say, it works for me. How many people mope about how far away lunchtime is, then turn around and say “wait, it’s almost April already???”?

And how many of those people seem happy and fulfilled?

By contrast, when you’re busy with good and meaningful work, time flies by. Yet, when the weekend rolls around, it feels like you really used that time. The week went by at a leisurely, enjoyable pace, leaving you with the sense that you had plenty of moments.

When this paradox works against you, it’s a cruel form of hell. The days slowly grind by, yet at the same time, your life is disappearing. You blink and another day goes, then another year, suddenly it’s all gone.


I won’t tell you what to do if that’s your life.

“You should quit your job!!!” says every fauxtivational social media guru.

Well, maybe you should. Then again, maybe you shouldn’t. I don’t know your circumstances.

What I’ll tell you is what I do when I realise time is working against me, not with me:

I go into self-hypnosis.

I go deep.

And I try to resolve things from the inside-out.

Sometimes that leads to an epiphany about needing to change something.

More often it changes my thinking, allowing me to see opportunities instead of calamities.

Because when the problem lies inside you – and it usually does – then changing your circumstances might not address it. Maybe your new job will fulfil you, maybe it won’t.

If you don’t know what the problem is, you don’t know what change will fix it.

That’s two gifts from me to you:

How to know when something is broken, and

How to actually fix it.

My third gift is to point you towards this product. If you’re intrigued by self-hypnosis (or annoyed that I offered it as a solution without explaining how) then you’ll want to read this training guide:

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