Time is running out for more time

Time is running out for more time

In my new book Mind Habits, I describe 13 simple habits that make you smarter, healthier, more focused, more creative, happier and a dozen other benefits.

These habits form the foundation of a better life. That’s an easy claim to make, since they boost your brain and what doesn’t rely on that squishy lump of electricity?

It’s probably the quickest and easiest way to enhance your mind. Get these right and everything else falls into place.

And if you buy it now –as in, in the next hour or so from when I write this – I’ll send you a bonus copy of Create More Time. I’ve never sold or offered this mind training before.

It’s on the table now because it’s the perfect complement to Mind Habits.

You know those days when you easily get everything done? At work, you chip away at your to-do list until it’s gone. Then you come home and cook, clean and get everything in order. You complete more than a day’s work with plenty of time to spare.

It’s adulting of the highest order.

Create More Time doesn’t bend physics, but it does inspire this state of mind more easily. It comes easily when you’re energetic, focused and motivated. That’s what this mind training does for you – it hones your mind to better tap into these resources.

And it’s as simple as listening to some audios and doing a little thinking. Nothing you couldn’t do in the bus or before bed.

Combine this with the Mind Habits and who knows what you’ll unleash?

You do need to hustle, though.

In order to receive Create More Time, you need to buy Mind Habits and send me the receipt by the deadline (today at 0700 GMT). If you buy it before and send the receipt after, that’s no good. As soon as the deadline hits, I’m done emailing this to people.

Act fast. Assuming you read this straight away, you have about an hour left.

So probably less.

Here’s the link:


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