Are you too afraid to try?

Are you too afraid to try?

Many people – too many people, that is – can’t see how they’ll achieve their dreams, so they don’t even try.

They don’t pursue the dream job.

Or the gorgeous woman.

Or the crazy project that might just change the world.

It’s far easier and more comfortable to keep your head down, hope you get a ‘normal’ job with a normal level of success, and spend your evenings watching TV.

Unless you don’t even want to watch TV, because you’re too afraid to find a show you like, only for it to end on you. That’s not me being sarcastic or whatever – it’s a real concern people have. If you’re too concerned about a show ending to enjoy it, then how can you manage any other challenges?

Well… as it turns out, easily.

If you can’t see it, then let’s change the channel. Don’t worry – this is one show you’ll never see the end of. As long as you stick with it, it’ll be there for you.

Because your problem isn’t a problem. Keeping one eye on the future is smart.

So is preparing for unfortunate events.

And it takes immense imagination to do this.

But, sure, it’s a problem if it’s stopping you from enjoying the simple things and tackling the greater challenges.

It’s kind of like driving a hammer into your thumb instead of a nail. That’s not a pleasant outcome, but that’s hardly the tool’s fault.

So let’s mix it up a bit:

If focusing on possible futures – thinking about failure and loss that hasn’t happened yet – is defeating you, then the answer is obvious.

Stop thinking about the future.

Focus on the present instead.

Because even if failure is inevitable (which it isn’t), you haven’t lost yet – so focus on the now.

You can take action right now to move closer to what you want. And it will feel much better than retreating or playing Cassandra.

The more you focus on the moment, the easier action becomes. Before long, you don’t have the mental space to forecast gloom.

It can be an easy habit to learn.

Or it can be the hardest.

Either way, it becomes much easier when you use Your Mind Inside, which is module 15 of Monster Mind Edukaré:

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