Too mad to trance out?

A hypnotic remedy for a broken heart might sound self-defeating.

If you’re that upset, how will you enter a trance?

That question has many answers – let’s unpack them, shall we?

Firstly, you being upset isn’t a deal-breaker. You can still go into a trance from a… shall we say, animated starting point.

I know, I know. If someone says something like, “and you can… just… breathe and relax now…” while you’re squirming in anger, it doesn’t work so well.

What can I say? I designed the audios in Heartbreak Panacea with you in mind. It’ll work whether you’re feeling flat, plagued with irritation or you’re frothing.

Secondly, trance is a beautiful way to help you relax – even when you think nothing will.

Especially when nothing else works.

It’s more than relaxation, which means it can help you take the edge off all of that and more.

Thirdly, you can use hypnosis without putting someone into a trance.

When you peruse the list of audio files, you’ll notice I recommend one for when the emotions get too much. You can do that with nothing more than some alone time and focus.

Sure, I tell you to close your eyes, but that’s only because it makes the exercise easier.

I mean, you might go into a trance anyway. If so, great – but it’s not required.

If you’re ready to move on from that old relationship, then let’s move on already:

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