Can you take ‘too much’ responsibility?

In your evolution as an individual, you face this question at some point.

Probably multiple times, really:

What exactly am I responsible for?

I know some folks have wondered that, in their heads or out loud, over the last ten months or so. Society is in various (and ever-changing) states of lockdown and the virus spreads anyway.

From that, you could argue we need a lot more restrictions… or a lot fewer of them.

How much of that could you feel responsible for?

You’re not responsible for the world, perhaps. We don’t need to add martyr complexes to the mix here.

But forget the world and focus on your life.

How much responsibility should you take for what happens?

Stoicism says:

All of it.

Assume that if something happens to you, you are responsible.

If someone mugs you in a dark alley, then that person has done something antisocial and wicked. But you chose to walk by that alley.

If lightning strikes your house, that’s the indifference of nature at work. But you chose to live somewhere with the properties of a lightning rod. You could have done things to make the place less flammable, increase your insurance coverage… or at least accept the risk.

Some of you think I’m blaming the victim here.

If you think that, I haven’t conveyed my point clearly enough. And I have good news: there’s a simple thing you can do right now to strengthen your mindset.

Because I’m not talking about blaming anyone – nor am I calling anyone a victim.

I’m talking about who has the choice to improve your situation.

Will a mugger choose to not mug?

Will lightning choose to strike somewhere else?

What about governments and viruses – will they choose to do things in your interests?

Maybe, maybe not.

There’s only one person whose choices you can know… and whose choices matter.

Speaking of taking responsibility…

If you want to take greater ownership of your situation, it starts with what you focus on.

You can look at everything you can’t do right now… or you can look at Three-Score Navike, full of proven ways to strengthen your mind and enjoy life more.

For all my hard talk about taking responsibility, these are actually quite fun, simple and gentle.

That doesn’t make them any less effective, though.

Really, I chose them with ease in mind because 60 simple ways to explore the boundaries of your lifestyle makes for a nice collection.

Find it here:

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