No one is ‘too strong-minded’ to be hypnotised

One of the great myths of hypnosis is some folks are immune to it.

A related one?

Where folks brag about being ‘too strong-minded’ to be hypnotised.

It makes me chuckle every time. Imagine someone bragging about being too smart to read books. It doesn’t really make sense and, if anything, it implies the opposite.

If someone fails to hypnotise you once, that doesn’t mean anything. People fail to hypnotise me all the time – I can’t pretend that means anything though.

If someone attempts hypnosis on you and it doesn’t work, one of two things are true:

Either it worked and you didn’t realise it, mostly because you don’t know what it’s supposed to feel like.

Or this person, at that moment, under these circumstances, didn’t get the expected results.

It’s unwise to extrapolate from a single event. Going on a bad date doesn’t mean every date will be bad. Yet plenty of folks do this with hypnosis – it ‘didn’t work’ once, therefore it never works for them.

(It’s not always their fault though. Some hypnotists tell subjects they can’t be hypnotised when it doesn’t seem to work. They’re lying to cover themselves – and if they’re willing to lie about it, they probably messed up the process and are blaming the subject for it.)

If a hypnotist isn’t getting the results they want with multiple subjects, they’re probably doing something wrong. Maybe they doubt themselves… or doubt hypnosis as a discipline. Maybe they’re rushing when they should be going slow, or going to slow when they should get a wriggle on.

But let’s say you’re a subject and you’ve seen many hypnotists without any luck. If you’re not immune to hypnosis, then what’s going on there?

This is not a complete list, but here are some common issues that can block trance:

Unskilled hypnotists – if you keep turning to hypnosis-themed YouTube channels, cheap amaterusa nd teenagers who have read three books on it, then you can’t be surprised if it’s not working.

Unrealistic expectations – if you think hypnosis means blanking out, turning into a zombie or having your issues magically eliminated for you, then it’s probably working but you’re not giving it any credit. Hypnosis can do amazing things and it can even do them quickly, but it’s not a process where you sit back and do none of the work.

Issues around power and surrender – maybe you’ve never been overtly hypnotised before, but we’ve all been around authority figures who crossed the line. If you struggle to let go and surrender, or if you hate anyone having any power over you, then you might be fighting the process.

Cynicism – hypnosis doesn’t require your belief, but it helps. Or if you’re sceptical about other people, you’re not going to let yourself be vulnerable around them.

Inner disconnect – some folks have no imagination. I’m not talking about aphantasia (where you can’t see images in your mind’s eye) – I mean having no ability to consider anything they haven’t experienced. And some folks have limited emotions and even limited awareness of their own bodies. That’s not a judgement, as we all have our quirks, but these people will find hypnosis difficult… and many of the common inductions will fizzle for them.

The irony? These people will get more out of hypnosis than anyone, if they stick with it and find someone who can make it work.

Stubbornness – let’s say you love smoking. Or maybe you hate change in general. You’re fine as you are and anyone who says otherwise is a jerk. To get people off your back, you agree to see a hypnotist.

If you came to see me, I’d give you a refund and show you the door. While I could hypnotise you, what’s the point? If you don’t want to change, you’ll simply change back. I only work with people who want to be there with me.

Analytical contrarian – if you start every sentence with ‘well, actually,’ and you love a good debate, the common hypnotic inductions might not work on you. You need a hypnotist who can use your sharp intellect to assist the hypnotic process, not fight it.

Fear – if hypnosis scares you, it won’t work. If you feel uneasy around men, tall people, anyone with glasses… then they’ll have a harder time hypnotising you.

The opposite of all that is true.

The sorts of folks who can most easily be hypnotised – and who benefit a lot from it – are free of those issues above.

They’re strong enough to let themselves open up and be vulnerable, have rich inner lives and are eager to change. They’re curious about what will happen, even though they have reasonable expectations. Plus they’re wise enough to seek out quality hypnotists, not random amateurs they found on a sleazy forum.

Hypnotic resistance is real. It’s also a choice. If you want to get the most out of life, you have to let it go and let a qualified hypnotist assist you.

Speaking of, you can book a session with me right here. For anyone looking to quick smoking or overcome anxiety, it should be clear what to do. For almost everyone else, the Neural Reset will do you some good.

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