Train dopamine addicts to pay attention to you

I’ve been rattling on about the earth-shattering power of great conversations.

But in some way, they’re harder than ever.

You know what I mean if you’ve ever wanted to catch up with someone, but they check their phone every 20 minutes.

It kind of breaks the flow, doesn’t it?

Even if all they do is check for new notifications…

Even if they still smile and nod while you talk…

… it pulls you both out of the conversation, at least a little.

And if I’m describing you right now – well, now you know why that nagging voice in the back of your head says people are annoyed with you.

Now, I could say it’s not their (or your) fault. The major tech companies hire psychologists and neuroscientists to make their products as “engaging” as possible.

But I won’t say that.

You’re an adult. Whether or not it’s someone else’s fault is irrelevant. It’s your responsibility, not anyone else’s.

Same with your friends who can’t pry their eyes from their screens without getting the sweats.

You aren’t responsible for their behaviour.

But you can invite them to be better conversationalists.

Part of it is to simply become so great to talk to, they forget all about the plastic blob in their pocket.

If you need a little more firepower than that, though?

Turn to page 13 of Conversation Hacker. Exercise 8 describes what you could do to train them to focus on you.

For serious cases, it won’t work miracles immediately.

If you remain patient and stick with it, you’ll give them the best conversation they’ve had in years – if only because they’re not interrupting themselves five times an hour.

Here’s how you learn all that and more:

P.S. Conversation Hacker’s launch ends today. If you want the bonus – a guide on how to become more memorable – then you’d better hurry.

The 4 Pillars of Lasting Impressions – each pillar being something you can use, practice and experiment with – are about to vanish into the ether.

You have about two hours from when I sent this, meaning it might already be too late.

No excuses, no extensions:

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