How to train your mind without becoming dumber

How to train your mind without becoming dumber

No one with any brains would go to a gym and start randomly throwing weights around. That would be a bad use of your time.

Every exercise carries the risk of injury. You need to check your form against what the experts recommend. You need to start off slow and build up to it.

If you don’t, you’re working against your muscles, not with them.

This is a Bad Idea. If you’re lucky, nothing will happen. You strain a little, feel sore and get no benefits.

If you’re unlucky, you reduce yourself to a limping, aching wreck.

And tell me, my friend – is a person with torn muscles, painful joints and stressed tendons stronger or weaker?

There’s no surprise here. Physical training without researching it is begging for problems. This is why people hire personal trainers, join workout groups or at least spend some time on Google.

If you cripple yourself doing dumb stuff, you can only blame yourself.

But what some people don’t realise is something similar happens with mind training. They buy books, read articles, play games and work through puzzles… without thinking whether it’s the right approach.

And, yes, I see people working hard to make themselves dumber. It’s no different than what you see at the gym. It happens all the time.

You’ve heard people say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. Sometimes it’s more subtle – the mental equivalent of overtraining one muscle while neglecting another.

Your time and your health are precious resources. Don’t spend one to undermine the other.

But when you do it right…

Mind training really works.

It makes you smarter, more productive and better able to enjoy the little things.

That’s why Awakened Thought uses principles stolen from Stanford University, leading neuroscientists and the best hypnotists on the planet. Like the perfect exercise regime, it balances your mind even as it strengthens it.

It leaves you glowing from the inside, your eyes sparkling as you see the world in new ways. Imagine having a trained mind that easily deals with what used to be problems. A strong brain is like a strong muscle – it gets you further, more easily.

And the September issue talks about how to have a balanced, strong and impeccably tuned mind. You can learn how to sharpen your wit at the link below.

But hurry – no issue stays up forever. Once I take these secrets down, I don’t know when (or if) I’ll bring them back.

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