Trance Day Eve is upon us

It’s funny to talk about ‘now’ using an asynchronous method of communication.

You’re not reading this when I published it – no matter how fast you are.

And I wrote it before publishing it…

In any case, for a certain definition of ‘now’, Trance Day 2021 begins in about a day from now.

This makes it Trance Day Eve.

In accordance with the ancient traditions of a day I made up, like, two weeks ago, it’s important to be a good boy, girl or other.

Go easy on the booze.

Sleep well.

You don’t have to do anything tomorrow but listen… and if you think ‘listening’ means just sitting there and doing nothing, you don’t quite get it.

The more of you that you bring to Trance Day, the more you’ll get out of it.

Not that you’ll share anything with the group. It’s not that sort of holiday. What you bring can stay in the privacy of your mind.

It’s still relevant, though – like showing up to a fun movie in a good mood rather than a bad one. Even if you go alone, it still changes the experience.

So get ready, rest well, and allow at least a twinge of excitement.

Trance Day is going to be awesome.

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