Why a “trance day”, not a “trance minute”

In my upcoming Trance Day 2021, I give a group of folks a taste of what hypnosis can do.

You can experience a deeply relaxing and fulfilling state of mind, all from the comfort of your home.

It’s like letting your body completely relax… while letting your thoughts wander… all while getting the benefits of a wonderful meditation session.

Even if you struggle to meditate.

But my plan raises some questions:

Like why am I running nine short sessions instead of one long session?

The obvious answer is, time zones. You might not be able to make all of the sessions, but you can at least make some of them.

And that’s true, but that’s a side effect – a nice bonus.

The real reason?

It’s like entering a hot bath. If you dip your toes in and it’s too hot, you don’t have to scald yourself. You also don’t have to cool it down. You can dip your toes in, take them out, then put your foot in, take it out, then your leg… soon, you’re sitting in up to your shoulders.

Something similar happens with trance.

If you enter a trance, you can enjoy it.

And if you enter it, leave it, enter it again 30 minutes later, leave it, enter it yet again…

… well, you’ll have to see what that does, won’t you?

It’s like going on a meditation retreat in a fraction of the time and without needing to know how to meditate. By the end, you’ll feel incredible – cleansed on a mental level, maybe unlike anything you’ve experienced.

Talk to anyone into this sort of stuff – they’ll tell you trance is fun.

Therapeutic, powerful, even deeply meaningful in ways that are hard to explain…

And definitely fun.

Some of you will feel better than if you took a two-week vacation – even if you don’t come to each session.

So save your time, money and state of mind by registering here:


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