Trances With Wolves

Recently, I woke up feeling pretty good about everything.

Then, when I went to get out of bed, an overwhelming ball of sadness radiated out from my gut and swallowed me.

Huh, I wasn’t expecting that…

What would have a younger version of me done with that?

I probably would have daydreamed until I drifted off back to sleep.

My phone was right there, so maybe I would have fired up YouTube and watched literally anything.

Or I could have turned on my computer and played a game – anything that took a lot of focus and let me smash things.

At my best, I might have exercised to work off the emotion.

Some of these strategies are worse than others…

But none are great.

All of them are distractions – ways of running away from the sadness rather than dealing with it.

Instead, what I did was put myself into a trance and pay attention to it.

You can’t ignore your own mind. When you stop thinking about something important, your unconscious latches onto it. And it’ll keep stewing over it until you process it consciously.

If you keep ignoring it, this becomes a habit. You stop thinking about it so your unconscious can never close the loop and move on.

This is how you get your Black Wolf.

Your inner demons.

Your shadow.

It’s all the fear, pain and misery you couldn’t bear to face, so you instead buried it. The thing about burying stuff is it doesn’t go away. It’s still there, out of sight but seeping darkness into the rest of your mind.

For late October, talk about a timely experience…

It’s Halloween in a week or so, and we’re already seeing the social media comedians strut their stuff.

“Who needs Halloween when the world is this scary lol!”

This joke is wrong on two counts.

The world is beautiful – it just happens to have some scary things in it. That subtle distinction might save your sanity.

And this is the perfect time to explore your fear. There’s research showing that fans of horror movies have handled things better than other people. Why? Because when you practice darkness, you get better at dealing with it. Dark stories allow you to feel fear, horror and shock in a controlled context. That’s why the folk stories from medieval times, when you’d be married and murdered by your 20s, were full of violence, death and unhappy endings.

The Pollyannas who say you should only think bright thoughts cultivate the worst darkness.

If you’re feeling anxious, afraid or that the days disappear too fast with nothing to show for them, then it’s time to face and embrace what’s inside you.

How do you do that?

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