Trancus interruptus

What happens when something interrupts a trance?

Is it like interrupting a program in the middle of something important? At best, the task ends… at worst, the computer crashes?

Oh, come now. Computer-brain analogies have their time and place, and this isn’t either.

If your brain crashed, glitched and inexplicably broke as easily as a computer, you wouldn’t have lasted this long. I wonder if a computer that’s being constantly used can last a year without crashing dramatically, whereas a brain has to run, more or less smoothly, for over a century.


Your brain never does something, because it’s too busy doing everything.

Sure, there are times when you’re so caught up in your work, a conversation or playing video games, you lose all track of the world.

Or do you?

Because no matter how deep you are into something, there are some sure-fire ways to get your attention. Screaming your name, putting an ice cube down the back of your shirt, kicking your chair…

My point is your brain runs everything in parallel. It doesn’t handle one task then another – it makes your heart beat while you daydream about your ideal job.

Or you lose yourself in a task while it monitors your environment.

It gets even fuzzier than this, though.

When do you start thinking your thoughts? When you’re consciously aware of them? Hardly, since most of your decisions don’t even reach your conscious awareness.

And when do they end? When you put them out of your mind? If so, what’s the difference between a thought that keeps resurfacing – like fixating on whoever cut you off in traffic – and one that disappears – like the name of the person you just met?

There are no clear boundaries to a thought. There’s no place that’s definitely not thinking a specific thought, just as there’s no time where you’ve definitely stopped thinking it.

It’s the same with hypnotic trances…

Let’s say you’re deep in trance and something brings you out of it. “Oh no,” you might say, “I was deep in a hypnotic state and now I’m not!”

Firstly… are you sure?

Maybe you’re still in trance, even with your eyes open.

What most folks don’t realise is you’re most hypnotically suggestible in that moment right after you open your eyes. You might think it’s over, but the trance is at its deepest.

Secondly, even if you are sure, that doesn’t mean the trance isn’t still working. If hypnotic suggestions only worked while you were in trance, that wouldn’t be useful. Luckily, they stick around. Your unconscious mind can keep processing long after the trance stopped continuing…

That’s not to say interruptions are fine, though.

It’s a lot like a complex train of thought.

Maybe the interruption doesn’t matter – you simply dive back in to where you were.

Maybe the interruption helps, jolting your train of thought down a different track.

Or maybe it causes you to drop the thread completely.

Either way, the best thing to do is to go back into the trance. Do that and the interruption will help you go deeper into trance, faster.

It’s so useful that I, and many other hypnotists, interrupt the trances on purpose – it’s called fractionation.

So if the dog starts licking you in the middle of your self-hypnosis session, don’t fret. You’re fine, your suggestions can still work, and there’s nothing stopping you going back in.

I like to use deliberate interruptions in my Neural Resets.

Not always, but often enough.

If you want to see how relaxing a deep trance can feel for you, book a session here:

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