Triggered by colour??

Triggered by colour??

If you’re interested in hypnosis, then great news! The internet is full of anonymous strangers looking to hypnotise you. Some of them are probably really good. Most are in the early days of their training (I did something similar way back).

A few are tiny losers looking for a cheap power trip.

How do I know? The internet is full of people complaining about them. Their subjects talk about feeling anxious, uneasy or worse.

Now, that can happen to the best of us. Usually it’s a temporary side effect to intense personal growth. These losers, though, are doing it on purpose. The only goal is to mess people up. I’ve heard everything from general unease to full-blown addiction to certain hypnosis audios.

A recent one I heard was someone, in their own words, getting “triggered” by a certain colour.

And all of these people end their stories with cries for help. Understandably so.

Thankfully, it’s not hard to avoid these pathetic individuals in the first place.

The main approach is to find someone with a brand. Even better is if they sell hypnotic audios. Most such brands, mine included, offer free samples. You can usually trust those.

Why? Because if the free samples aren’t amazing, no one’s going to buy the products. ‘What if someone makes the audios addictive?’ The cynical answer is it’s a terrible business model. You use up addictive drugs, but you’ll have an audio file forever.

Continuing the cynicism, the best business model is to turn your clients into millionaires. They’ll always afford your products and they’ll recommend you to their new, rich friends.

Parasites don’t survive long in this economy. Only hypnotists who genuinely help others last.

Your mind is a precious thing. Entrust it to professionals.

But there’s an even better strategy than that. The people with bad experiences ask for help, but what if they could help themselves?

What if they knew enough hypnosis to block or counter any suggestion?

If someone tried to make them feel anxious, they’d laugh in their face. If someone made them triggered by a colour, they could rip the suggestion from their own mind.

They wouldn’t have to ask or even pay for help.

Heck, they could do it on the train ride home.

Anyone can learn the ultimate in mental security. All they need to do is read this guide and apply the lessons:

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