Trivialise to advertise

Many folks don’t like stage hypnosis or street hypnosis.

Not most, by any means. But plenty of them see it is silly, maybe even disrespectful to hypnosis.

I get the logic. Hypnosis is one of those forces that’s so powerful, maybe we should consider it sacred.

As sacred as virtues like courage and resilient.

Or maybe even literally sacred – a gift from whatever divinity you endorse.

You should always respect power. With hypnosis, you have the power to banish the deepest, darkest and most difficult struggles of a person’s life. You can resolve lifelong phobias, anger issues or emotional scars in minutes sometimes.

Using it to make someone pretend to be a shirt in a washing machine trivialises it.

I can’t argue that it’s a trivial use of a fantastic ability.

But I don’t see that as a bad thing.

You can celebrate something by putting it in a trivial light.


Your smartphone is a technological marvel. I was born in the 1980s and I grew up in a time where a pocket computer would have changed everything.

Sure, I remember fussing about with some of those primitive personal digital assistants back in the day, poking at an unresponsive, two-colour screen to slowly take notes.

Even a mid-tier smartphone is a supercomputer by the standards of that time.

It’s also a communications device, a camera, a sophisticated collection of sensors, a tracker, plus everything that the internet gives you – TV, encyclopedias, teleconferencing…

It’s a miracle of engineering.

But look in your favourite app store. Most of the popular apps will not, in fact, respect this legacy. They’ll be dumb games or simple distractions.

Some, like usage monitors and blue light filters, solve problems created by your smartphone.

And that’s great!

The more people use smartphones, even for trivial purposes, the better it is for smartphones everywhere.

It’s the same with hypnosis. The best advertising for hypnosis is, in fact, stage and street hypnosis.

Nothing better demonstrates that it’s real, it’s powerful and it’s not as scary as most folks think.

They see people having fun, doing things they’d never do outside a trance and think…

Maybe hypnosis is right for me.

I write a lot about how to market hypnosis. If there were a street hypnotist on every corner, the demand for it would be so high that I wouldn’t need to worry about it.

The best way to respect hypnosis is to increase the amount and the quality of it.

As always, you can experience hypnosis right here:

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