The true legacy of imagination

It takes true genius to imagine things. Most people can’t. They think they can because little stories play in their heads. That’s not the same thing.

I’m not judging. I don’t have Einstein’s gift of visualising physics. And I doubt he had Tesla’s, who could build and test inventions in his mind.

It’s a powerful skill, no matter what you do for a living. When you see things that aren’t real so clearly, you can make them real.

You can invent something new.

Or you can tell a story.

You put a piece of yourself out there and reshape reality.

It’s amazing when a person has so vivid a story in their mind… it can’t help but escape. Culture rises on the backs of stories like these.

And then you find those people who never stop sharing their stories. A constant flow of imagination, shattering the world and reshaping it into something better.

Those people leave a legacy. They never truly leave the world, if only because the world keeps their ideas alive.

I can’t teach you how to have such a powerful mind. What I can offer you is something, though – a tasty morsel to see you through. I can show you how to teach this to yourself.



Maybe a little curious?

Keep reading, my friend, and become the hero of your own story:

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