The true meaning of William T Batten

Since it’s the weekend, I want to do more than just indulge – I want to be self-indulgent.

Taken in parts or as a whole, William T Batten is all about strengthening, securing and protecting what’s important.

‘William’ means defender or protector – the same root that gave it gave us the word ‘helmet’. That’s easier to see in German – Wilhelm.

The letter T can mean precision, preparation and support. To fit you to a tee, to tee something up, to place it on a tee. What could be more supportive than tea – the beverages or the meal?

‘Batten’ means to secure something important in the face of adversity. “Batten down the hatches” means you can prepare for whatever bad thing is coming your way.

Is this deep and meaningful?

Is it self-indulgent nonsense?

If you know me at all, you know I don’t buy into either/or propositions. Both are likely true.

But, hey, if you need a little extra support during the crazier times, who are you gonna turn to? Wobble E Flimsy… or me?

Maybe you need a William to T and Batten for you.

Most hypnotists will tell you that labels matter. They’re not your destiny, but they are an ever-present reminder, nudging you one way or another. Coincidence or not, my name and my nature both point me towards being the sort of person who can eliminate what holds you back.

Something to think about or forget entirely, as you head here to see all the ways I can strengthen and support you now:

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