The True Power of Rituals

You might think of rituals as empty fluff. Something primitive, superstitious folk used to cope with their ignorance.

Well, there’s truth in that.


What happens when the rituals work?

What if the shamanic cleansing ritual actually heals the body?

Consider a modern day healing ritual:

You’re feeling under the weather, so you go to the doctor. You wait in the waiting room, smelling disinfectant and reading posters about health. The longer you wait, the more you settle into the doctor’s office. Getting in touch with the feel of the place.

The doctor finally sees you. You explain your symptoms, they ask some questions while wearing a doctor’s coat. Maybe they check your heart and breathing with a stethoscope.

So far, nothing has happened to promote healing. They haven’t even diagnosed you, let alone done anything.

And yet…

For most people, the healing has begun.

This isn’t me speculating here. The science is clear on this. In fact, it’s one of the most well-researched areas of medicine, kind of because it has to be:

The infamous placebo effect.

You go to a doctor’s office to receive healing. Just that act, even without any medicine, activates the healing process.

Dress people up in doctors’ uniforms and get them to hand out placebos. They can call them placebos, explaining they have no healing properties or active ingredients. In fact, they admit, they’re not even doctors – it’s only a costume.

Even so, this simple act creates healing.

The more expensive the placebo, the stronger the results.

The more invasive (for example, an injection versus a tonic), the more powerful it is.

This is a simple and effective healing ritual – one that happens every day in our scientifically enlightened society.

Rituals work. You can either accept that and use them, or fight the truth and squander this valuable self-improvement resource.

Your call.

So that’s one way to enhance your life.

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