The Trump story that shows who doesn’t think right

Yes, I’m talking about Donald Trump and improper thinking, but it’s not what you might guess.

It wasn’t him doing the thinking this time – he was the target of it.

And it shows how many folks live their lives

completely mentally impoverished.

The story goes like this:

Once upon a time, President Trump tested positive for the virus.

And half the internet lost their minds.

Lots of folks got on their knees and thanked the fates, hoping corona would end his life.

And if you challenged them on their view?

You’d hear something like this:

“What? He deserves it. It’s his own fault. And it would be better for America – nay, the world – if he died.”


So many of these folks bathed their hands in sanitiser and more masks while driving alone, living in the ever-present fear of the virus…. only to turn around and wish death on someone else.

And before anyone accuses me of getting political here, the other great political tribe often said the same thing. They saw Old Man Biden shuffling around, muttering strange things about corn pops, hoping that he’d instead shuffle off.


These folks – who I’m sure are fine, upstanding people – have gaping flaws in their mental structures.

Flaws that lead them to live their lives at a fraction of what they could be.

I understand the animal fear of death inside you. I can’t pretend I’ve fully shaken that myself. It’s something that I’m working on and, in the meantime, I live with it.

But here’s the thing:

If you fear death

and you wish it on someone

you are broken.

I say that with all the love I can, I point out the cracks in the foundation out of joy for who you could be.

Now, I know some of you will fight me on this.

“What if someone corners you in an alley with a gun?”

Then you do what you need to in order to survive.

Which, yes, may involve attacking them with the intent to kill them.

If you can’t see the difference between that and sitting on an armchair, perfectly safe, hoping for someone else’s death, please look again.

“What about someone who’s really bad – who deserves it and whose death makes the world better?”

I’m not naïve. I know there are folks in this world who only spread pain and suffering, who don’t want to be redeemed in any sense of the word.

I hope society stops them inflicting their harm and I hope they find some inner peace.

Even if they ‘deserve it’ or their death would ‘make things better’, their death isn’t the only thing that would fix the situation. How do you know you’re not reaching for that option because it’s easy, not because it’s the best?

But even ignoring all that…

Even if you could mathematically prove that their death was the only way to fix things…

… you’re not worthy to make that call.

None of us is.

And by wishing for someone else’s death, you become less worthy.

Going back to the Trump story – so many people cowered in fear of dying from covid, while hoping someone else would die from it.

That’s the exact opposite to how you could think.

You can accept your own death while hoping everyone else lives forever.

They won’t… but it’s a better way to live.

Fear of death and hatred of others are two parts of your shadow. Let them feed on each other and they’ll only grow stronger.

Whenever you hope someone will die, you kill a small piece of yourself.

Hoping for someone’s death is easy, cowardly, lazy and beneath you.

We all need you to let go of this bad habit because we need you to be better than that.

Fear and hate are prisons, not tools – so free yourself.


With a little lesson from a Shakespearean play, that I go into in the next Phronesis Accelerator.

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