Here, try this quick exercise

I have something you can have a crack at right now.

Do this right and you’ll free yourself of some phobias, neuroses or unpleasant quirks.

It’ll help you find more energy, creativity, patience and insight.

It’s even useful for those of you chasing spiritual growth – whether that’s enlightenment, shadow work or communing with whoever will take your call.

I’m making some big claims here, so why not give it a go and experience it firsthand.

The exercise?

Think the thoughts you’re too afraid to think.

There are corners of your mind you don’t go, because they’re too raw, too painful or too deeply buried.

They’re the source of all your miseries. Dig them out and you unshackle yourself from great and terrible burdens.

They’re also the source of your greatest power, just waiting for you to integrate them.

Of course, there’s one little problem there…

“Thinking thoughts you’re too afraid to think” – that doesn’t sound easy.

In fact, by that definition, it might be impossible.

Well, it’s not impossible – just extremely unpleasant.

Like marinading in all your worst childhood fears while getting punched in the gut.

It’s easy to go astray when facing something this intense.

That’s why it pays to focus on safety.

Learn how to ground yourself first.

Know how to step back and reset when things get tough.

You can delve deeper and faster into your own mind when you know how to do it safely.

And it doesn’t get much safer than the Neural Reset – my hypnosomatic technique for releasing your stored tension and trauma.

You could do it after thinking those impossible thoughts – to keep them from infiltrating your normal waking state. Kind of like an airlock to deep the darkness out.

You could do it before – so you enter your shadow loose, open and relaxed.

If you were a student or protégé of mine, I’d insist – yes, insist – on you resetting before and after.

But you’re probably not under my wing.

So all I’ll say is I strongly recommend it.

I’m not sure if you could put a price on this level of personal growth. Since you can’t face those thoughts now, you literally can’t imagine how good your life will be once you’ve resolved that.

Folks happily pay tens of thousands of dollars on the mere promise of a better life. They think a degree will unlock a fulfilling career, or an amazing trip will help them find themselves.

Maybe it will.

But often those goals disappoint us – because the real issues lie in the parts of your mind you dare not venture into. Changing your circumstances can help… but that’s nothing compared to changing your mind.

The Neural Reset gives you the chance to finally find what you’re looking for.

Much more affordably.

Much faster.

More reliably.

And more convenient, too.

If you want to free yourself from what’s holding you back, book yourself in for a Neural Reset or two here:

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