How to turn off autopilot and slow down time

How to turn off autopilot and slow down time

Have you noticed how time seems to be speeding up? The older you get, the worse it seems. As a child, summer would last for what felt like years. As an adult, you blink and a month disappears. Case in point: 2018 is nearly over already.

But here’s the thing…

That’s not normal. Time is not supposed to seem like it’s slipping away from you. If everything in your life is balanced, time marches on at a steady, pleasant rhythm.

I’m not surprised so many people experience their life this way – bubbling away like vapour from a boiling pot. We’re on autopilot so much of the time. Wandering through our lives, drudging through the boring bits so we can distract ourselves with the fun bits…

Then you wake up and realise a year has disappeared.

Or a lifetime.

How much time have you already lost? All those dreams and ambitions – how many of them fell apart because time disappeared on you?

Any is too many.

Is it disappointing? Yes. Is it concerning? Absolutely. It’d be a sign of serious illness if it weren’t happening to almost everyone.

Is it too late to do anything about it?


You can turn the autopilot off. You can regain control of your mind and, with it, your time. With it, you can notice the details that’ll enrich your brain’s health and let you really be in the moment.

How, you ask?

I come bearing not one answer but two. Both are forms of mind training – not those cutesy games that don’t work, but genuine neural strengthening activities. And both are as old as civilisation… if not older.

I’m talking about hypnosis and meditation.

One might be more your speed than the other. That’s cool, whatever works for you right now. Either, or both, will sharpen your mind, make you present and dissolve the crusty gloop swirling around your thoughts.

One of the side effects is time will slow down for you. Not in an arduous way – it’ll be as if you’re noticing and appreciating each moment.

(Because you will be.)

The first step to begin your mind training and finally disable your autopilot is to go here. It’ll only take you a minute and won’t cost a cent. Even so, you’ll lay the foundations for a much, much healthier brain.

Don’t put it off – who knows what time will do in the meantime?

So head on over to this page to start learning:

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It’s perfect for starting out your mind training.

And if you’re stuck, struggling or unmotivated.

Honing your thoughts will be fun and natural once you read this – that’s my guarantee.

But it won’t be up forever. Sign up now because later is too late:

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