Two simple (but not easy) questions

Do you know what to do with your life?

Are you doing enough towards it?

If you said no to either of those, consider this:

Let’s say you and I were in a room together.

Picture it.

Maybe there are other people around, or not. Maybe there’s a lot of noise, or not.

You come up to me and say you want to change.

I tell you, “so change”.

You tell me you can’t. You’ve tried before and, for whatever reason, it never sticks.

“Okay, I understand,” I say. “Give me 30 minutes of your time and you’ll get the change you want.”

Then I do it.

Does that sound like me bragging?

Well, maybe I am.

I’ll say this – I offer no guarantees that it’ll work… that fast. It probably will, but maybe it’d take a few hours.

That’s not because I’m special, ultra-talented or divine.

Any skilled hypnotist could do the same.

That’s the core of these techniques – using hypnosis to melt your resistance and finally embrace your evolution.

If you’ve never been hypnotised before, it might not be what you expect.

You’ll be in complete control the whole time.

You’ll remain awake and you’ll remember everything. Unless you stayed up all night, in which case you’ll dose off no matter what you do.

This is all simpler than you might think – and incredibly effective. It opens your mind to new ways of thinking in surprising, profound and intense ways.

What I cover in The Triple Crossroads will give you a taste of that.

It’s like a ghost pepper – sometimes just a taste is all you need…

Add it to your stew here:

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