How unconscious thinking shapes your health and longevity

How unconscious thinking shapes your health and longevity

For a long time, Western medicine saw the mind and body as separate things. Your thoughts could influence certain things through your nervous system, like where you place your hand and how you breathe.

But certain things, like growth and your immune system, were beyond the reach of your thinking.

It turns out your mind reaches to every part of your body.

And vice versa.

You’re probably familiar with placebos – how the expectation of a cure creates healing in the body.

You might even know it goes deeper than that. How you can dress up as a doctor, hand someone a placebo, tell them it’s a placebo, explain to them that placebos have no active ingredients…

And it still leads to healing.

Your thinking, especially on an unconscious level, shapes everything.

Including how gracefully you age.

Here’s a fun statistical quirk: if you were born while your grandparents were in their 50s, you’ll likely live longer than if your grandparents were in their 80s.


It seems like during your first few years, you learn what everything means. You learn how the world works, how people work… and what old age looks like.

If your grandparents – who are ‘old’ in your eyes – are still young, spry and active, that’s what you learn old age is.

If they’re older, less mobile, less healthy, then that becomes your template for old age.

And as you get to grandparent age yourself, you start embodying that template.

I don’t know if that’s how it works or not, but I’d be surprised if it isn’t. It’s no different to the placebo effect, played out over decades.

Which leads to one important question:

If you adopted a less-than-ideal template for old age, can you change it?

Can you, as an adult, override the unfortunate lessons you learned as a kid?

Can you choose to live longer, healthier and better?

No idea.

But if you can, it comes from using hypnosis. Nothing else is as powerful, efficient and elegant at changing unconscious thinking.

And if it doesn’t work?

You’ll have wasted your time and learned how to transform your thinking in every other part of your life except longevity.

Oh well.

If you still want to risk it, here’s the link:

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