Unfakeable trance

People who have just started learning hypnosis or are practicing self-hypnosis often wonder how to know when it’s working.

How do you know when you’re in a trance, as opposed to you’re just there, eyes closed, doing nothing?

With practice, you begin to learn the signs.

The signs are unmistakable. There’ve been times where I was walking around, living my life, and then suddenly I noticed something bubbling up inside me and it’s a strange feeling. And I go, “Huh, turns out I’m in a trance right now. Interesting.”

I remember when I started out practicing with some friends, I was hypnotising two people at once, and I knew that I was learning, making progress because I could see one of them go into the trance before the other.

Now, they weren’t doing anything.

They were sitting there with their eyes closed.

But I knew the signs to look for.

Many of these signs you get through practice. You will learn to see them. You will get a sense of what trance looks like.

If I were to list all of them for you, it would be like telling you how to swing a tennis racquet.

Sure, there’s some value in that.

But it wouldn’t be as useful as you just going out there and getting lots of practice.

Practice hypnotising people, practicing being hypnotised until you know what a trance feels like or looks like.

Because there are trance phenomena – 11 signs someone is in a trance.

These only occur during a hypnotic trance. They are unfakeable – even if you wanted to convince yourself that it’s working, you couldn’t fake these.

If any of these things are here, it means you are hypnotised right now.

Now, if none of them are there, it doesn’t mean that you’re not in a trance, but the presence of any of these trance phenomena means that you are no longer in your normal waking state of consciousness.

You are now in a hypnotic trance.

It’s useful to know these and to spot them. They make excellent “convincers” – proof that someone can be hypnotised. Plus, they’re fun for stage and street hypnosis. When someone does something that’s impossible in their normal waking state, it’s – among other things – entertaining.

But like I said, I won’t list them here. The best exercise for learning hypnosis would be to hypnotise a lot of people and see if you can figure them out. Or watch people in a trance – there are plenty of videos online of hypnosis demonstrations.

You could always cheat, of course, but like I say, this is a great exercise.

Or you could skip to the end and experience hypnosis, not just observe it.

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