My unfancy meditation space

My unfancy meditation space

You know what’s a hot market right now? Meditation cushions. I glimpse industry reports every now and then, and they’re doing well. People love having something nice, comfortable and fancy to rest on.

Some people even set up dedicated meditation spaces. They set aside some real estate and fill it with candles, beads and mantras scrawled on the walls.

It makes sense. After a while, the mere act of sitting there puts you into a meditative trance. Maybe it’ll help you to go inside.

But it ain’t my style, that’s for sure. My meditation space is tragically unfancy.

I usually sit in a black office chair. The mesh is comfortable and it’s the perfect height. It’s covered in hair and scratch marks, courtesy of the cat. The mesh is full of shredded cardboard – also courtesy of the cat.

It cost me about 50 bucks.

And it’s at my desk – the same one where I do most of my writing. In fact, I’m sitting in the chair right now.

You don’t need to spend money on equipment or anything like that. There’s nothing stopping you if you want to. Just meditate where it feels right and you’ll be fine.

And with all that money you save in skipping the fancy clothes, fancy cushions and fancy retreats…

It pays to invest it in your training.

Everyone can meditate well. If you haven’t yet, you haven’t found the right teacher. Look for an amazing coach who can work with you… and resolve issues as they arise.

Because there will be roadblocks. Your mind experiences growing pains too, so find a coach who gets that.

They’re hard to find sometimes.

The next best thing is to read the right book. When you know what’s coming and how to handle it, you can be your own coach. It’s simple, easy and effective.

And sometimes just reading a book like this is enough to put you in a state of meditation. Especially when I wove hypnotic elements into the chapters. Reading about the exercises helps you meditate even before you try them.

(Few other books can claim the same.)

So get your hands on it here:

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