I’m unlucky enough to be smart

I’m unlucky enough to be smart

Who gets further in life: the “naturally smart” person or the one who works their butt off?

Not a trick question (sometimes my questions really are that easy).

Sure, native intelligence goes a long way. But if you want to guess who’ll get the better test scores and the most success, back the hustler. Back in my study days, I was unlucky enough to be smart. I never had to study properly, so I coasted by on some terrible habits I’ve only just started to shake.

These habits hurt me then and they hurt me worse now.

I did have one advantage when it came to exams, though:

I loved ‘em.

Seriously, and who knows why, but I found sitting tests to be a lot of fun. Maybe I liked the puzzles. Maybe it was because I did well at them.

It doesn’t matter – enjoying tests gave me what was almost a superpower. I rarely choked on them. When you have fun, there’s no pressure. Keeping calm and having fun means you’re fully present with the task.

That’s what makes it all so easy at your desk, and so much harder in the exam.

So how do you bring all your skills, knowledge and talent to the task of the test?

It’s simple: you relax.

Every gram of energy you spend freaking out is lost forever. You have more important things to do than to panic, so chill out.

But, really, that’s not great advice. “Relax”? That probably occurred to you already. If it were that simple, though, you would have done it.

You can’t choose to relax. You have to simply do it. If you find yourself trying to chill out, then you haven’t learned how to.

I can teach you, though.

The best part is it’s easy to learn. In fact, all you need to do is sit back and listen. That’s all, because the changes you need are about thinking differently, not thinking more. And you can learn to think differently even as you relax.

It’s all here.

But you’d better hurry – to celebrate the Accelerated Learning System’s launch, you can pick it up for a wildly discounted price.

It’s less than half price – not that it will last long, though.

Tick tock:


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