The unnecessary Way

In my eBook – Motion Mind – I cover three hypnotic ways to learn to love exercise.

(It’s right there in the subtitle.)

It’s an extremely lean book – you can read this in one sitting. Doing the drills will take longer, but reading about them is fast.

Even so… it’s a little redundant.

See, you don’t even need the Third Way. Not really. The first two will do the trick for almost all of you.


It’s a book about using hypnosis to enjoy working out… and the Third Way is the most hypnotic approach of all.

This is where you bring out the big guns. Any internal resistance you have will falter in the face of these drills.

It involves confronting some inner truths, which not everyone is up for. Don’t mistake the simplicity of drill 3.1 – it alone can surprise you, even as it lays the foundations for the rest of the Third Way.

Then, with drills 3.2 through 3.5, you enter a deep hypnotic trance.

By the end of that, you will learn to love exercise. You will find yourself enjoying it – even craving it.

And how much fitter, healthier and more attractive will you become by then?

If you’ll forgive the pun, you know the drill by now – you can find out by finding Motion Mind right here:

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