The unromantic antidote to Valentine’s Day

You might be the sort of helpless romantic who loves Valentine’s Day – and all the fun and romance it brings.

The holiday might fill you with less-than-gushing feelings. Whether you’re single or not, there are plenty of reasons to dislike it.

Or maybe you ignore the whole thing – it doesn’t bother you.

No matter how you feel about it…

… you’re probably due for an antidote.

After all that sugar, you’ll need a little spice.

And this is about as spicy as it gets.

I’m talking about death here – the dark and immortal reaper that stalks each of us.

Take everything about Valentine’s Day – the sappiness, the romance, the corporations rubbing their hands in glee, the lonely singles, the proud singles, the folks looking for a meaningless hookup…

Death, in its own way, drives each of these.

And it’s their opposite.

The perfect antidote to “I will wuv uu for all eternity” is the stark reminder that your time is finite. Eternity isn’t in the cards for you.

So what will you do about that?

Rage against the cold and uncaring universe you find yourself in?

Put all your faith in an unseen life after this?


Will you see how the time you have is a precious gift? Whether there’s an afterlife or not, your time spent here is a remarkable opportunity to do amazing things.

So let Valentine’s Day – a celebration of creation – pass behind you and focus on the scythe that’ll one day cut you from this world.

It’s up to you as to whether that’s bleak or hopeful.

But it’s not up to you about if, or even when, it’ll happen.

If it’s coming, then you lose nothing by admitting it. In fact, you’ll gain quite a lot by no longer pretending to ignore what you know is true.

There’s tremendous power in the inevitability of your demise. Here’s what this issue of Phronesis Accelerator covers:

  • Rise above the frothing masses – we saw it with Trump in 2020 (no, not the election or a tweet) and many times before then. It’s one thing to fear death, but if you do this, you arrest your own power and growth. And, troublingly, most folks do this – some, every week or more,
  • The ‘mad gambit’ you do to make yourself feel more alive… only to make everything worse for you and your kin,
  • How the primal forces that create life can triumph over death,
  • The personality trait that makes life and death unbearable,
  • How to learn from the greatest and wisest philosophy teacher of all – the natural order,
  • You’ve probably tried and failed with this easy practice before – here’s how to succeed with it and overcome fear, anxiety, sadness, frustration and boredom,
  • The simple exercise you can do during a coffee break (assuming you have a bedsheet handy) that banishes your fear of death,
  • What Twitter can show you about wisdom, philosophy and Stoicism,
  • What your inevitable demise takes from you every day – and how to get it back,
  • Why putting your faith in technological immortality harms you (even if it turns out you’re right),
  • The subtle psychological lesson in a Shakespeare play about what happens when you wish death on someone,
  • How all emotions boil down to two… and what happens when they fight each other,
  • The four things that make you feel alive that evaporated in 2020.

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