The unspoken way smoking leaves you sick, broke and miserable

The unspoken way smoking leaves you sick, broke and miserable

I’m not going to talk about the obvious health dangers of smoking. Everyone knows the damage it does to everything from your eyes to your toes. Another lecture on the poisons in cigarettes won’t help.

Instead, I’m going to talk about another danger.

This one’s a lot more subtle. I admit it isn’t unique to smoking – any vice, addiction or bad habit does the same. (Although smoking is worse than most of those.)

You might have thought about this before, or you might not have. Either way, once I explain it, you’ll get it instantly.

Because even if cigarettes were perfectly safe from a chemical perspective…

They would still make you sick, broke and miserable.

Here’s how:

When you light up a cigarette, part of your mind actively fights it. You may have buried it so deep you don’t notice it, but it’s there. This part of you remembers all the health warnings. It knows this habit is killing you. It tracks how much of your vital money supply you blow on this.

After a few years of smoking, you get used to ignoring that voice.

But it’s still there, screaming into the void.

This works against you in so many ways.

For one thing, your mind is running this old pattern of thinking thoughts then suppressing them. This is a waste of your mental energy. It might not seem like much, but that processing power could have gone to much better uses.

Thinking through your problems more deeply.

Bringing all your charisma when you meet someone special.

Searching for opportunities.

For another, you learn to ignore your inner voice. If you shut it up about smoking, it shuts up about other things.

Your intuition, instincts and calculations grow duller with every smoke.

Also, this inner conflict bleeds out. Sometimes you meet someone and you instantly tell they have their stuff together. Other people are walking wrecks. You can spot this usually before they open their mouths.

The people with their stuff together resolve their inner conflicts.

The others continue to indulge them.

Like tourists avoiding a civil war, people avoid those with strong inner conflicts.

It seems like you have two options:

Quit smoking and delete the habit from your mind.

Or be completely okay with smoking.

Either would end the conflict, right?

Except every health warning you see… every eye roll you earn when someone learns you smoke… every time your loved ones cringe when you get too close…

The civil war only ends one way.

Stop the fighting and win already:

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Ben White on Unsplash

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