Use it or lose yourself

Many folks, myself included, had this problem a few months ago.

Now, thanks to the lockdown, it’s probably worse.

This isn’t something folks talk about much. Sure, it comes up here or there – but, honestly, I see this as a major challenge.

And the source of a lot of our misery.

Since it deserves more attention, here’s me doing my bit towards it.

So let’s talk about unspent energy.

To see what I mean, imagine you’re bursting with energy. It’s like you’ve drank your weight in caffeine except, instead of getting all twitchy, you’re able to focus.

You just want to go for a run.

Or maybe write 5000 words.


You go to bed and bingewatch something.

When you’re tired, there’s nothing nicer than slipping between the sheets and letting yourself rest. But when you’re bouncing? It’s hard to stay still, as if your legs will move even if you don’t want them to.

Okay, that sounds unpleasant.

But it’s hardly the worst torture in the world.

Until you do it the next day as well.

Then the day after that.

After a while, that twitchiness and restless grows stronger. It starts to feel like the energy is eating you alive.

Then the energy will start coming out in other, unhealthy ways. It’ll either disappear, leaving you feeling strangely tired. Or you’ll start to act out in strange ways, like lashing out at your loved ones.

Probably both, to be honest.

Now think about other types of energy you can have, besides physical.

You can have the desire to work hard on meaningful projects – but, to pay the bills, you do dull, tedious work that doesn’t amount to anything. Apart from enriching your bosses, of course. Someone in this situation can lash out in strange ways. You’ve seen (and probably even experienced) it for yourself.

It can start out with craving distractions – like junk food, video games or worse.

Then it can start to tear you apart, physically and mentally.

I’m not saying this is the only problem an unfulfilling job causes. And I’m not saying spending an hour a day on some other, meaningful project will fix everything.

But it can.

Oh, boy, can it.

(Why do you think I started writing?)

Speaking of, creative energy is another thing that needs an outlet. City simulators, Minecraft and whatnot are all so popular because they give folks a way to release pent-up creative frustration. If everyone were writing a book – something they were deeply passionate about – these games would be much less popular.

And, of course, there’s the energy around sexuality. I won’t go into the ways a person can go wrong when that’s not being expressed.

You might have dozens of sources of energy like this.

Some days, you get up to make a difference

Others, because you enjoy spending time with people.

Others still, it’s all about the paycheque – which you funnel into worthy causes close to your heart.

The list goes on.

And it’s an important list because any of these energies – improperly managed or expressed  – can cause all sorts of problems.

Invisibly wearing at the foundations of your psyche, until things start to collapse.

If I were to give you just one mission for this month, it’s this:

Figure out ways your energies are being stifled.

Then figure out healthy ways to channel and express them.

And you know what’s useful for both those steps?

Focus, mental clarity and action.

All of which are enhanced by the right sort of mind training. Monster Mind Edukaré is an excellent outlet and source of more energy than you realise is possible.

If you’re feeling stuck, unfulfilled, restless or like you’re crawling the walls, then check this out:

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