Use your clumsiness to turn folk from secretive to honest

Everyone has embarrassing little things they don’t like to admit.

Maybe you’re so addicted to superhero stories, you bingewatch cartoons aimed at children.

Perhaps you can eat your body weight in fried potato.

It might be that paperwork or forms bug you far more than they should, so you put them off.

(All of those apply to me, by the way.)

Or maybe you’re sometimes clumsy, a bad speller or forgetful with names.

You see these as weaknesses?

They can be your greatest strength.

Use these at the right time and you can learn secrets from just about anyone.

They might admit to an painful emotional truth – something they were keeping even from themselves.

It might be something deeper than that.

Either way, I lay it all out in Exercise 9 (pg13) of Conversation Hacker, which you can find right here:

P.S. Conversation Hacker’s launch ends today. If you want the bonus – a guide on how to become more memorable – then you’d better hurry.

The 4 Pillars of Lasting Impressions – each pillar being something you can use, practice and experiment with – are about to vanish into the ether.

You have a few hours from when I sent this, meaning it might already be too late.

The deadline beckons:

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