How useless, selfish snobs inched us all closer to enlightenment

Landed gentry.

This class from European history lays claim to a few learned and famous folks. Scientists, scholars, explorers, artists – many hailed from this niche of society.


Well, this group of people never had to work to make a living. They had tremendous wealth, living off the rent of the lower classes for generations.

That means some – dare I say, most – were about as self-aware and useful as a stereotypical Insta-famous shell of a human.

Not exactly a demographic that screams wisdom and enlightenment, right?


One thing folks like this love to do is compete. When you can buy everything you’d ever need, want or crave, owning something expensive isn’t impressive anymore. Instead, they wanted to find things money couldn’t buy them.

This selfish, petty and entitled quest was one factor (of many) that lay the groundwork for a spiritual revolution.

One that’s still gaining steam today.

And while there might be a lot of misinformation about this out there…

The truth of it is powerful.

Simple, yet powerful.

You can describe this foundational exercise in a tweet and have characters to spare. When you do it, though, it sends you into entirely new states of consciousness.

Here’s how to learn it – and how it can fit in with 12 similarly mind-warping techniques for personal transformation:

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