Using Meditation to Add, Not Remove

Using Meditation to Add, Not Remove

When looking at emotions, you can treat them the same way you treat thoughts. You can accept them, dissociate from them or let them pass.

But what if you don’t want to let go of old emotions? What if you want to add something new?

Something better?

Mindfulness meditation is great for clearing out the garbage in your mind. Strange as it sounds, it’s a tool of destruction. It clears the way for other things to blossom.

There is a tool of creation within meditation, though.

Something powerful enough to block the garbage in the first place.

People who master this technique are… different. I’m not one of them (yet – I’m working on it) but you can spot them from across the room. They are intense, in a warm and loving way. When they speak, every word seems loaded with wisdom and benign energy.

I mentioned that I’m still working on this. That’s because I can reach this state, but I still have to turn it on. And that’s not easy for me (yet…)

But when this is on…

Everything looks different.

Everything becomes better.

It’s like looking at the world as it should be and seeing a way to bring it into being.

You can reach this state through meditation.

But not through mindfulness meditation.

This takes metta meditation, also known as loving-kindness.

Metta meditation trains you to see everyone the way you see people you love. This sounds simple because it is. It’s not easy, though, as it goes against a very human instinct. Our ancestors had to be very good at separating friend from foe.

This instinct will probably keep you alive if you live in competing tribes. In a civilisation, it keeps you trapped.

Yes, there are people who mean you harm. Yes, there are thieves and worse who stalk the mean streets of this world.

You can love them anyway. After all, it must be terrible for them to view the world this way. I wonder how many of them could be redeemed with a single drop of loving-kindness?

Whether you hate or dismiss these people does little to them but a lot to you. Hatred, as the quote goes, is like drinking poison and expecting the other to die. So put away your anger. Do it for yourself, if not for them.

If you see this as weakness, then you don’t understand it. This is the ultimate strength. To love strangers and enemies the way you love your friends requires a mind like iron. Developing this makes you impervious to anything they say or do.

Everyone has petty dramas in their life. If you want to transcend these, you now know how.

Maybe you want a guide with this. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Visit the Awakened Thought page to receive a hypnotic guided meditation and pay whatever you want. Every time you listen to it, it strengthens your metta mindset. This is the exact exercise many others and I use to build this skill.

All as easy as sitting back, relaxing and having a listen.

And that’s just a drop in the ocean, as you’ll soon see:

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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