Vaguely frustrated; genuinely concerned

Are you feeling – for want of a better description – vaguely frustrated?

I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like being irritated with… something? Everything?

You might point to something in your life – your job, your lack of a relationship, the virus – and think that’s the cause of it.

And maybe it is.

But maybe that could go away and you’d still have this.

If you’re thinking “no way, that doesn’t sound like me at all,” you might be right. Or you might be so used to your frustration you ignore it.

Whether you get what I mean or not, here’s a simple exercise that’ll help.

Scan your body from head to toe.

Notice any places that feel ‘tense’ or otherwise negative.

Relax the tension there and move on.

Even taking it slow, you could do that in under a minute… and it could change the rest of your day.

But here’s a genuine concern, even if it sounds a little odd:

What if you can’t relax it.

What if you try and it still stays tense?

Then it’s probably habitual tension – something you’ve carried for a while. For that, you need something a little stronger.

And you’ll get so much more out of clearing that up.

Forget changing the rest of your day – that could easily change the rest of your life.

Now, what is ‘something stronger’?

Well, the Neural Reset, for one.

It’s prefect for stubborn tension in your body and mind.

Here’s how you can try it out:

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