When victory depends on more than grit

Some folk, when setting self-improvement goals, aim for the loftiest heights.

I say that’s fantastic. Go big, because going home isn’t an option.

But I’ll admit there’s a risk here.

It can sneak into any project – even the sort of thing you can smash out over a weekend. But it’s more common with the more ambitious projects.

It boils down to one question:

How much can you control the outcome?

You might want to live a more creative life – a worthy goal if ever I’ve heard one.

Here’s the problem:

A lot of that lies outside your control.

Want to be a famous novelist? Great – go for it. Work hard, study hard and write hard… and you’ll increase the odds of success. But maybe no publisher will touch you. Or maybe you self-publish and get lost in the noise. It happens.

Most painters, dancers and musicians never get far with it. If you break even, you’re doing well.

Because so much depends on factors outside your control.

Maybe that demoralises you.

Or maybe you like the challenge.

Then again, perhaps you step back and ask: okay, is there a better way then?

You don’t want to give up on your dreams.

At the same time, history is littered with warnings. Plenty of folk obsess over a single path to their dreams and burn out.

And plenty of others who leap from project to project, never committing to anything and so never achieving anything.

There’s a fine line between too flexible and too rigid.

It turns out there’s an easy way to walk that line, which I cover in the IGNITE System (module 1 of 19 in Monster Mind Edukaré).

It’s so important, I cover it again in module 11.

You can use it to find all sorts of ways to live a deeper, richer, more satisfying life. Like everything else, you get out from the IGNITE System what you put into it.

And that starts right here:


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