The voice in your head isn’t the enemy

Many of us walk around with a voice is our heads.

It’s a mean, petty voice.

It criticises our actions – sometimes even hypothetical actions we haven’t even done, in some imagined future.

The voice dredges up the worst mistakes of your past, the sort of stuff you’d never do again. But the voice doesn’t care about that. It wants you to relive that like you just did it.

Some of us accept this living, breathing inner critic as a natural part of life.

It comes with being human.

Or maybe you think you deserve this treatment.

But if you realise you don’t need to put up with that voice, you might find some interesting tips out there.

Ways to get a handle on that voice.

Like change it to sound like a giggly, squeaky cartoon.

Or to calmly challenge each assertion it makes.

Some even say to put that voice in a glass jar and leave it over there.

These all work.

And if you’re going for a mindfulness-based outcome, this is the way to do it.

However, all of these approaches have something in common:

They treat that voice as something separate.

Some problem that needs dealing with.

While it’s a helpful way to think about it, it’s wrong. That voice is you. Sure, it may have picked up some words and beliefs from other folk… but they’re not the ones in your mind. You’re telling these things to yourself.

That voice isn’t the enemy.

It’s harmful and misguided, sure.

But it’s also creative (how else could it come up with such nonsense ways to belittle you), persistent (obviously), influential (otherwise it wouldn’t be a “problem”) and difficult to fight.

So what if this voice only said nice things about you?

What if this voice uplifted and encouraged you instead?

Or, if you don’t want a cheerleader in your head, what if it offered an endless stream of good ideas?

This voice isn’t your enemy.

It might be the greatest ally you ever have.

Only once you retrain it, of course. Until then, it’s a thorn in your side and a waste of creative genius.

It’s better to work with this voice than to box it up and ignore it.

How do you train this voice?

Simple enough. One approach would be to meet it in one of your inner landscapes, just like what I teach you to do in Unlock the Vault (module 16 of 19 in Monster Mind Edukaré).

Here’s the link:

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